How many days does it usually take to receive my card?

All our cards are sent using First Class delivery, and so they will be with you in 1-2 days. Order before 1pm weekdays to be guaranteed same day dispatch!

Can I send your cards overseas?

All of our range can be sent overseas. We currently deliver cards all across the world, from Australia and America to Asia! 

Can I personalise my message in the card and have it sent to the recipient?

Yes of course! This is a new feature due to such high demand on all of your music box cards. Simply choose the personalise button on our card and write your message below. This will be inserted as a slip into your card. You can even send directly to your recipient if you wish.

How many times can I press the music button on my music box card?

We gave somebody the task of finding this out, and discovered that you will get around 1,000 rotations from each card. So lots of chances to display your music box card to friends and family. In a lot of cases the cards are likely to continue playing for years! 

Which battery does your music box card contain?

These are small button cell batteries, usually found in wrist watches, that are completely encased and integral to the card. From all safety regulations undertaken, they are completely acceptable. 

The magnetic character sometimes falls down on my card when the music is switched on

Though rare, we do have a simple fix for this. Smooth the bottom of the character across a flat hard surface a couple times and then try again, this should solve any issue - we rarely have any problems with the characters standing, but if we do, this often rectifies it by making the surface completely flat. 

My magnetic chip doesn’t move

Now this one is extremely rare, though if this is the case, you may just have the character in the wrong spot! Please ensure that your character is in the centre of the card and then press the button to watch them dance around the scene.  

I’d like to be able to sell your cards in my shops

Great! Please sign up to our online wholesale site using the link below https://www.mydesigncollections.com/a/wsg/proxy/signup